My Journey

I started my journey to becoming “Brain Coach Brad” as a child growing up in Japan, the son of a successful entrepreneur and international businessman.Brad Pendergraft

I’ve been fascinated by the brain for as long as I can remember. I guess what fascinated me most was the amazing potential of the brain, how someone could change their life by changing their brain.

It also frustrated me that I could see all this possibility, and at the same time I didn’t always understand how to use the power of my brain in my everyday life, and how to use it successfully.

A low point in my life became a major catalyst for me to put into practice what I was learning.

I was 30 years old with two master’s degrees, I had left my job as a therapist in order to start my own business, and I didn’t make enough money. I had to take a job delivering pizzas to support my family. It was an emotional blow that, at first, hit me hard.

I got through it by listening to Tony Robbins tapes, which you may not know are heavily influenced by neuroscience, hypnosis techniques, and NLP. By refocusing my mind with the tapes, and reading and practicing everything I could about personal development & the brain, my whole outlook changed. I felt happier and more energized, and it was not long before I got back on my professional feet, applying my new skills for therapy and to develop myself.

In the following years, I helped build a multi-million dollar international mental health crisis response company. I also worked with NYPD officers experiencing PTSD after 9/11, which was powerful and rewarding. Finally, I decided to realize the dream of opening my own clinic, designed to help professionals harness the power of their brain to live fuller, happier lives.

I found that my happiest, most successful clients were entrepreneurs, who were driven to overcome their challenges, so they could grow their business (and enjoy their lives).

 I saw how many of them were succeeding only at a high cost of stress, worry, and anxiety. I knew that practical brain science could help them.

I’ve learned how to practically apply this knowledge, helping clients break through:

  • time and money-wasting patterns of distractibility
  • energy-draining and productivity-killing anxiety, stress and worry
  • as well as self-doubt, and other limiting beliefs

You might think of me as a “inner game” coach. And through my life experiences, I’ve found that a strong “inner game” distinguishes those who arrive from those who simply wish.

That’s a bit about me, Brain Coach Brad. Now I’d love to learn more about you. What brought you here?  Read and watch my latest posts on the blog. If you are ready to wipe out worry, stress, and anxiety in your life and business,  grab your free preview chapters of my forthcoming book. You’ll realize that your brain is more powerful than you would have ever dreamed!

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