Keeping Your Momentum After a Seminar – Video Three

We hear a lot about the power of positive language, and rightfully so.

The problem is, sometimes positive language is premature. If we are just learning something, just taking on a new identity, it can be too soon to make big positive claims about our new self. If we say too quickly, “this is who I am now,” then it may not feel true, and our brains will reject it. That makes it harder to hold on to the new learning and really implement it.

There is a secret to making positive language feel congruent, something you have to do first. Learn about it in this week’s video, the third answer I gave to the question of keeping momentum after a seminar, or after any important¬†event or new learning.

Here is an attachment that walks you through the process described in the video. Download it now and put it to work! If you missed the first two videos, you can learn how to keep your momentum with a quick language trick, and learn what moving your furniture has to do with keeping your momentum. Leave me comments in the comment section. Share how you implement this strategy in your life, so other people can model your success.

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